As part of our service to God and our community we participate in the Adopt-A-Highway program

November 2007

we picked up a couple of hitch hikers

it's never a dull moment with this crew

July 2007
Once again we came across some items that makes you wonder

The grass was so wet everyone's feet were soaked in just a few minutes

The traffic is worse every time we work

underwear, shirt, a sock

you can make up your own story about these clothes and why they were on the side of the highway

The grass was just too wet so we shut down early and did some cleaning at the youth room
it looks like she's cleaning a mirror

May 2007

Each time out we find interesting things

Right off the bat we found an old bank statement along with a recently written check that had not been cashed
It turned out these items had been stolen, as we learned after contacting the owner.

What a blessing it is to work with these youth and adults

something extra for the youth who give up their Saturday morning - prizes
we drop "gift cards" along the stretch of road we're going to work and whoever finds one gets
to choose a prize. This time we had filled old 35mm film canisters with quarters, dimes and nickels

March 2007
After two postponements we finally had good weather and healthy leaders and worked on our stretch of FM849 on March 3

We started in the unadopted 300 yard "no mans land" between our section and that of the Hide-A-Way Kiwanis Club.
the Kiwanis Club worked their section and into this area also a couple of weeks prior to our work day)

Cleaning up at one of the many wreck sites

Another wreck site

one of the treasures found

once again a group of great kids and adults gave up some premium Saturday morning time
(not pictured are the Lawsons who worked all morning but had to leave before the group picture)

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