New Years Watch 2008

Again this year we did something besides just a lock-in - we participated in a
New Years Watch
This year we started with snacks and games

Then headed to Tyler to bowl
Not having to rush back to church gave us plenty of time to bowl
eat pizza and text

as well as play with some new features in the camera phones

even Genna spent time on the phone while bowling

using the bumpers produced some good scores

Larry won the first two games against the ladies
but he finished a distant third on the last game

Beth gives a lesson

On the way back to church we stopped at the school flagpole to pray
(it was bitterly cold so we didn't waste time getting back into the vans)

back at church it was free time for more snacks and games

nice socks....

A time for prayer and reflection in the sanctuary

The rest of the night was spent watching movies and playing games
and sleeping

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