Fun in the Son - 2007

Back to School Bash A.K.A. Crud Wars
The last "Fun In The Son" of the Summer

First - sandwiches and chips

and King of the Hill as if we weren't getting dirty enough

The first game was called "Bobbing for Pickled Pigs Feet"
(actually hard boiled eggs in Kool-Aid)
You had to get an egg in your mouth and drop it in your pool

the second game - popping shaving cream filled balloons by sitting on them
(note that the eggs were still in the pools)

an action sequence with Matt

of course there was no point in letting all that shaving cream go to waste

the third game - knocking a ping pong ball out of a bowl by filling it using squirt bottles
(the bowls had holes in them and the squirt bottles were filled with lemonade)

game four - our own version of an egg toss
two dozen eggs per team, the object to see which team could catch the most eggs
Austin caught every one

game 5 - jell-o toss
The object here was to see which team could catch from the greatest distance

one of the funniest people I've seen, she kept eating some, biting off pieces when the piece was
"too large" to throw and sometimes licking the jell-o before tossing it to Grant, usually over his head

just for fun we had a contest to see who could throw a piece the highest and catch it

two action sequences

Matt tried putting Jell-O down the wrong person's back

game 6 a water balloon fight
Matt got Beth with a balloon

then Genna took aim at Beth

the final event was a tug-of-war over a water pit
(the water is actually clean, just a little dirt got knocked in it during the filling process)

a second round ended up with the same result - everyone in the water

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