Little Acts of Love
by Marsha Jordan

Ever wish you could change the world? You can you know! It doesnít take great wealth or power. You donít need extraordinary talent. You have tremendous power right now to impact this world. Donít believe me? Read on . . .

Remember the old song, "Little Things Mean a Lot?" Small kindnesses take very little effort, but they can make someoneís day. They are often appreciated more than we realize. If youíll just look around, youíll see discouraged people all around you. Donít overlook the opportunities you have to brighten someoneís life. Not only will it be appreciated by the recipient and rewarded by God, but it will enrich your own life as well. Small acts have a profound impact on our world.

I can hear you saying, "Iím just one person. I canít make a difference." If youíve ever been on the receiving end of a smile, a hug, or a phone call just when itís needed, you know that this way of thinking couldnít be more wrong! If you think your contribution is like a tiny drop of water in the huge ocean, consider Mother Theresaís thoughts on that. She said, "The ocean would be less without that one drop."

There could be no mountains, if not for the tiny grains of sand of which the mountains are made! Yes, little things do mean a lot. A short note of encouragement takes only a moment to write; but it delivers to someoneís mailbox an important message of love and concern. Your optimism, encouragement, and empathy can make someoneís journey through life a little easier. You may be exactly what someone is needing and is even praying for right now! Open your heart. Show you care. Share a little love.

Thereís some discouraged brother
Who's needing you today
To smile or to talk with him
Or kneel with him to pray.

Some weary, burdened sister
Has longed to hear you say,
"Iíll be your friend, Iíll hold your hand.
Iíll help you on your way."

The smallest act of kindness,
A word of cheer youíve spoken
Can lift a heavy burden
And heal a heart that's broken.

Donít overlook a chance to help
Discouraged folks to see
That Godís own Word is calling,
"If you're weary, come to me."

As God looks down from heaven
And sees you share His love,
He'll reward your earnest effort
And send blessings from above.

Use talents that He gave you
Whether great or small.
Send a message to the world
Of how He loves us all.


Author Marsha Jordan was an energetic homeschooling mom who also worked as a secretary until her life took a sharp turn.

Her busy schedule came to a screeching halt when she fell victim to an auto-immune disease which struck her blind for several months. She knows how it feels to be sick, in pain, frustrated, and afraid. When she encountered this roadblock, God steered her into a U-turn, but she continued full speed ahead in a new direction.

Through The Hugs and Hope Club for Sick Kids which she founded, Jordan strives to send a message not just to suffering families, but to all people that we donít have to face life's problems alone. God cares about our pain and desires to be intimately involved in our lives. He wants to help us through the struggles and have a personal relationship with each of us! Jordan likes to remind people that God has a plan for each life. No one is insignificant. And God can do great things with you, even if you lack great talent.

It is her earnest prayer that hurting people will come to know the awesome love, peace, and joy available to those who seek God and serve Him.

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