special messages
some are funny - some will make you stop and think - all of them are inspirational
This page is a collection of those stories and emails that we all get from time to time.
Most of them are uncredited as the senders rarely identified the stories origins


Three Great Lessons of Life
The Turtle, The Frogs & The Pretty Lady


The Cactus and the Caterpillar

The Cross We Carry

God DOES Exist


A Surprise in Heaven


Top Ten Things
I Wish I knew Before I Left Home

The Dark Candle

The next time you feel like
God can't use you
Read This

Are you a winner
a loser

Reading Your Bible

The Two Wolves

Did God Create Evil?
submitted by Jonathan DeLaP

Thanks for your time
from me to all of the youth

The Man Who Wanted To Quit God

Twenty Things
to Remember

The Blue Ribbon

The Deck of Cards

Never Again

Why does God ask us questions
when He already knows the answers

You really do get all
Ask For

The Band Director

Why are we learning from him?

The Bread and Wine
Came To Me

Don't be afraid to be yourself

Take time to talk to God

you ARE important

Wisdom of the Soul


How To Forgive


Sand & Stone


Push Ups

Just for PARENTS
Why There Are Children

What makes a
good mother?

The Room

something for God to do


Noah's Ark

Your Garden of Daily Living


The Old Phone

something to make you go


About Friends
A Reason A Season & A Lifetime

I Wish You Enough

Those that make a

Scars of Life

He will sit as a refiner of silver

The Heart
You'll find Jesus there 

Is Your hut

Why go to church?

Dear God
A Prayer

Christian "one-liners"
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