Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit - Galatians 5:25 NIV

One evening as you lay in bed just about to drift off to sleep you begin to dream.

You find yourself in a large stadium, at a game. You don't what kind of game it is but the scoreboard shows 1 to nothing Christians and it's halftime. The marching band is on the field and this is what you see.

Each person is following a different routine but no one crashes, it's not chaos but is so intricately blended and planned that you can't grasp the whole picture, you just know that it is stirring something in your heart. You look around and see that there are other people in the stands watching and listening and from time to time someone goes down to the field and becomes part of the picture. The music is incredible even though the instruments aren't gathered in ranks but are scattered throughout the field.

You follow someone down to the field and realize that once on the field you can't see the whole picture anymore, just the part that is immediately around you.

There are some who got to the sidelines and hesitated and now are standing around not knowing what to do. Some drift away, some go back up in the stands, and some catch the eye of a marcher who stops and draws them onto the field with words of encouragement.

Wandering off the field you find yourself at the concession stands where you see people lined up chattering among themselves, oblivious to what is happening just a few feet away. The sound of the music from the band is on the PA but they don't listen.

You find yourself back in the stands. Looking back down on the field you see that from time to time two, three, four and sometimes large groups come together to form a pattern and then break back up into singles and pairs and march even more strongly than before. It's apparent that these groups are encouraging each other.

You move higher, to the left and to the right, but no matter where you stand you still can't see the whole picture

There is a voice in your ear, speaking softly, encouraging you to leave the stands and join the band on the field. You look up and there He is, directing his ultimate band from on high.

He is training us and using us in a myriad ways. We're all trying to follow the paths He sets us on and as you know the paths merge and separate and merge again. We have our friends, Sunday school classes, churches, seminars, all sorts of things where we gather to both learn and encourage each other and then it's back to His work.

One of these days half time will be over and then the second half is going to start. Will you be at the concession, on the sidelines, still in the bleachers looking on or will you be part of His ultimate band?

© April 28, 2005
Larry W Wilson

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